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Mediation Lawyer Walnut Creek CA

Family Law Lawyer Contra Costa County, CA 

Mediation Lawyer Walnut Creek CA

California mediation is a confidential process wherein a neutral third party, called a mediator, works with the parties to facilitate an agreement. It is a form of alternate dispute resolution. Mediation is ideal for parties who are separating amicably and want to avoid an all-out war played out in expensive litigation. Mediation expedites the divorce process and is often much less expensive than traditional litigation. Mediation tends to lead to an outcome that is satisfactory to all parties and well-rounded; this is due to the collaborative nature of the process. Settlement agreements that are reached through mediation are more likely to be followed because the parties feel empowered during the process. Mediation is settled on the parties’ terms, not by a stranger in a black robe.

The mediator does not represent either party. She is a neutral that helps the parties’ come to their own agreements while providing the context of the law. Mediation is a cooperative process and both parties must respect the process in order for it to be a success. Mediation can be a healing process as well, as it allows the parties to feel they are in control of their own fate.

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