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Ariel Brownell Lee, Esq.

Ariel Brownell Lee, Esq.


My name is Ariel Brownell Lee. I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. I received my Bachelor’s of Science from Sacramento State University. I majored in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. After attending Sac State, I took a year off to teach and work as a file clerk at a local Sacramento law firm. I then attended law school at UC Davis, King Hall School of Law. During my time at King Hall, I developed a strong interest in family law. I realized family law was the perfect practice area for me because it allowed me to affect real, positive change, directly in peoples’ lives.

I am an active member of the local legal community. I have served as President of the Women’s Section of the Contra Costa County Bar Association, I am a delegate of Contra Costa for the California Conference of Bar Associations, I serve on the the Board of Director’s for California Women Lawyers as the affiliate governor for Contra Costa Country, and in association with CWL, co-host the podcast “Seat at the Table” with Summer Selleck.

My staff and I strive to offer exceptional and personal customer service to all of my clients.


Practice Areas


A judgment of divorce terminates your marriage. It will also allow you to divide your property, provide for the support of the other party and your children.

Legal Separation

This process will allow the parties to divide their property, provide for the support of the other party and your children. Neither party may remarry until they file for Divorce.

Nullity/Annulment of Marriage

This is available if the parties meet certain requirements and the marriage is void or voidable. Discuss your specific case with your attorney.

Parentage Action

This is available to parties who are parents, but never married. Discuss your specific case with your attorney.

Child Custody & Visitation

This is the time that you spend with your children. If you and the other party cannot agree on the timeshare schedule for the children, then the court will make the decision based upon the best interests of the children. The timeshare schedule may differ based upon the age of the children and their needs.

Mediation Services

If you and the other party cannot resolve a custody or visitation dispute you may be required to attend a mediation session with a family court services mediator. Your attorney may not be allowed to attend the mediation with you but you can meet with your attorney ahead of time to prepare for the mediation.

Child Support

Property Division and Allocation

Each case is different and will involve division of the community property assets and debts acquired by the parties during the marriage. Some property obtained by a party during marriage may be their separate property. Your attorney will have to advise you based upon the specific facts of your case.

Spousal Support

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders

If the other party is threatening or harassing you, the court may make an Order to protect you from certain types of contact. Discuss your specific case with your attorney.

Education And Trainings

  • 2012

    UC Davis, King Hall School of Law.

  • 2008

    Sacramento State University. Graduated Cum Laude.

Honors And Awards

A Seat at the Table

Ariel co-hosts this podcast on behalf of California Women Lawyers. Ariel and Summer interview the founding mothers of the organization and engage in thought provoking discussions about women in the law. Take a listen here: http://cwlseatatthetable.blogspot.com

Super Lawyers

Ariel is proud to announce she was named as a 2018 and 2019 Super Lawyers Rising.

Business Networking International MVP Award

November 2018

2018 Contra Costa County Bar Association Diversity Award

Gold Level

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