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Prenups Ease Divorce

Family Lawyer

Everyone couple likes to think their vows will last a lifetime. Every couple likes to think they’re special and they can get through any troubles that may come their way. Read More

When Two Parents Battle Over Child Support Payments

Child Support Lawyer

When two parents decide they are better off splitting up, they may then have to negotiate the terms of child support. This is where one parent makes financial payments to the other, to assist in providing for children’s necessities. The ...

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How Can Social Media Affect Your Legal Case?

Social Media Lawsuit Legal CaseWe live in a digital day and age when posting our lives–where we ...

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Grandparents: Questions About Legal Rights

Child Custody Lawyer

Over the past several decades, American popular culture has become more illustrative of the diverse structures that make up “the average family.” While many households contain a one or more parents and a child or children, millions of Am...

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What to Know About Paternity Actions

Family Law Lawyer

When the need for child support arises, it’s not uncommon for the issue of paternity to be a factor. A child support lawyer can attest to how the determination of the child’s father can cause friction and often leads to legal action of one ...

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The 5 Steps to Obtaining Full Custody of Children Post Divorce

Family Law Attorney

Even if both people have the best of intentions, sometimes marriages simply do not work out. If the married couple had shared children together, they may then have to negotiate terms of the custody agreement. While these guidelines may ha...

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Dealing with a Challenging Ex During Divorce

You may have finally come to your wits end over dealing with your soon to be former spouse. Perhaps your ex is just trying to make things worse for you, or is not cooperating with the divorce process. If you add children to this equation, it can become a truly distres...

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