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When Two Parents Battle Over C...

When Two Parents Battle Over Child Support Payments

Child Support Lawyer

When two parents decide they are better off splitting up, they may then have to negotiate the terms of child support. This is where one parent makes financial payments to the other, to assist in providing for children’s necessities. The parents may try to attend mediation to settle the dispute, but if that is not possible then the decision may fall upon a family court judge. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on whether you are the paying or receiving parent. The judge may take several factors into consideration when deciding how much one parent is to pay the other in child support.

An attorney can help you fight for the child support you deserve, to ensure that your children receive everything he or she needs to have the best life. An attorney has likely seen many clients just like you who simply want the best future possible for their children. Please read on for more information about child support.

How Child Support is Calculated

The judge and court system may use a computer program to generate a child support amount to be paid, based on a few factors. It is important to note that even if the paying parent does not currently have a job, they may still have to contribute to child support based on his or her potential to earn. Most commonly, these are the elements of child support that determines how much is to be paid on a recurring basis:

  1. How many shared children the custodial parent takes care of
  2. The income level or earning potential of each parent
  3. How much time the paying parent has to spends with his or her children
  4. How much the custodial parent is requesting in regards to children’s living expenses
  5. To what degree the paying parent is able to meet this request

When Modification May Be Needed

As a child gets older, he or she may have more needs when it comes to after school activities, medical care, nutrition, hobbies, clothing and more. An attorney can help you file for child support modification if you feel that you are barely getting by. Depending on the growing needs of your children, an increase in child support may be needed.

When a Parent Stops Paying

In some cases, the paying parent may halt payments to intentionally get back at the other parent. In the midst of separation, the paying parent may seek revenge through holding back payments. A child support lawyer Austin, TX offers understands this may only result in your children suffering the consequences and will do what they can to see that your former spouse is held accountable for this behavior.


Thank you to our friends and contributors at The Law Offices of Ryan S. Dougay for their insight into family law and child support battles.

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