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Dealing with a Challenging Ex ...

Dealing with a Challenging Ex During Divorce

You may have finally come to your wits end over dealing with your soon to be former spouse. Perhaps your ex is just trying to make things worse for you, or is not cooperating with the divorce process. If you add children to this equation, it can become a truly distressing situation to be in. A divorce lawyer Frisco, TX residents rely on can give you advice on how to help keep things moving when your former spouse is being flat out immovable.

Here in the article below, we have provided tips on how to deal with an ex who just wants to make life as troublesome for you as possible.

Realize it Takes Time

When you feel like you just wanna pull your hair out, remember that this situation is only temporary. Eventually, your ex will have to start taking things seriously and make decisions that is in the best interest of your children. Remember that a divorce being finalized does not happen overnight. Do what you can to stay focused on what is important in your life right now, such as how you approach conflicts, how you communicate with your children about what is going on, and taking care of yourself.

Respond, But Do Not React

If you have children together, your ex may use this as a way to contact you more than necessary. You may feel bogged down by relentless text messages, calls, emails and voicemails. However, take a deep breath and refrain from engaging with your ex in an emotional manner. If your ex is being threatening or making you feel unsafe, you should let your attorney know immediately.

Practicing Self-Care

In the midst of emotional turmoil, we may forget to truly take care of ourselves. Do things everyday to help keep your mind, body and spirit healthy. What keeps you going depends on your own personal preferences and hobbies. Here is a list of some ways you can start incorporating self-care into your life:

  • Go for walks in nature or engage in another form of exercise
  • Write a list of all the hobbies or activities you have wanted to do, but never had the time for during your marriage
  • Start doing daily journal writing, so you can get your pent up emotions out of your body and onto paper
  • Meet up with a friend, family member or mentor to maintain positive relationships in your life
  • Spend quality time with your children by doing things you all love together

Focus on the Future

It can be immensely draining of your emotional and mental energy to be continuously arguing with your former spouse. Reach out to friends and family as support for when your ex is being outrageously difficult. Remember to focus on your future and start doing things for the betterment of yourself.


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