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Divorce Lawyer Walnut Creek CA

Divorce in California can be a difficult and confusing process. There are countless forms, rules, and procedures that must be followed. Knowing where you are in the process, and where you are going, can give you peace of mind and allow you to make logical, reasoned decisions about where to go. Ev...

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Family Law Lawyer Contra Costa County, CA

Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer Walnut Creek CA

This is the time that you spend with your children.  If you and the other party cannot agree on the timeshare schedule for the children, then the court will make the decision based upon the best interests of the children.  The timeshare schedule may differ based upon the age of the children and thei...

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Child Support Lawyer Walnut Creek CA

The father and mother, or same sex parents, of a minor child have an equal responsibility to support their child in the manner suitable to the child’s circumstances [CA Family Code Section 3900]. This duty continues as to an unmarried minor child until he or she compl...

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Property Allocation Lawyer Walnut Creek CA

Property can only be allocated by the family court in cases involving dissolution of a marriage or registered domestic partnership. If you were never married to your partner, you may have property rights under other civil statutes. Those matters would be heard in civi...

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Restraining Orders Lawyer Walnut Creek CA

If a person is threatening or harassing you, the court may make an Order to protect you from certain types of contact. There are various forms of Restraining Orders. Each with their own eligibility requirements and steps that you must take to obtain the order. Emergency Protective Order (...

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Spousal Support Lawyer Walnut Creek CA

Spousal Support, in California, is defined as the court-ordered amount of money that is paid from one spouse or domestic partner to the other and can also be referred to as “partner support.” It can be paid while the case is going on, called “temporary support,” and i...

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