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Many people wonder why they should try mediation instead of just filing for divorce and litigating in the courts. There are several reasons, including keeping costs down and expediency. Many difficult decisions must be made during a divorce. When the parties cannot agree on a topic such as custody, support, who gets the home or car, etc., these decisions are left in the hands of a Judge and the court calendar is usually scheduled months out. Even when a Judge makes decisions with the best of intentions, one or both parties are often unsatisfied with the outcome, leading to costly and drawn out litigation that could have been avoided.

The same matters that the courts handle can be handled by you and your spouse through mediation. Topics handled include, but are not limited to, divorce, distribution of property (assets and liabilities), child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal support, retirement, and tax liability. Put the power back in your hands through mediation with a skilled Mediation Lawyer in Walnut Creek. The mediator, though a lawyer, does not represent either party during the mediation. She is a neutral who cannot be called to testify about what occurred during mediation in any subsequent litigation. It is always recommended that an independent attorney review the final agreement reached in mediation prior to signing it.

The process of mediation is unique in that the separating couple, or co-parents, collaborate with the mediator towards resolution of the issues instead of “lawyering up” and entering a costly legal battle. Mediation is completely voluntary, confidential, and only goes on so long as all parties agree to participate. As a result of the voluntary nature of mediation, it is often in the best interests of the parties as it avoids pitfalls of going straight to court. Mediation is especially beneficial when there are children in the mix as more money spent on litigation leaves less for the kids. Should parties find an agreement difficult to reach or perhaps they fall into a verbal sparring match, the mediator can intervene and educate the parties on the law. The mediator’s primary job is to keep the lines of communication open, explore ideas, share the legal realities of the proposals presented, and test the couple against the legal realities of unrealistic proposals in a way that leads them away from conflict and toward resolution. A successful mediator doesn’t “work” for either part but rather treats both equally. A successful mediation outcome is similar to divorce in that the agreements are memorialized in writing, signed by all parties, are filed with the court, and enforceable going forward.

Mediation is flexible, convenient, and confidential. It is convenient because both parties are working with one source, the mediator, and have the same base of information to work from. It is flexible in that it is much easier for the parties to set appointments with a mediator than to get court hearings. It is confidential in that the mediator will not discuss your matter with any other party (except your attorney, should you have one present). It is also confidential in that anything offered or proposed in mediation cannot be used against you in the future negotiations should you end up in court after all. You really can go all out toward finding a solution.

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