Family Lawyer Walnut Creek, CAWhat do people find most beneficial about hiring a Family Lawyer Walnut Creek, CA trusts for their Divorce?

Most everyone knows someone who has gone through a divorce. While people are often open to discussing their emotional healing with their friends, they may not share the things they found beneficial about hiring a Family Lawyer. After getting feedback from friends, family, and clients, here are some of the greatest reasons to get an attorney:

I didn’t realize the amount of time and frustration it would take. There’s a lot of back and forth for all the deals to be finalized and the paperwork to get completed. My Family Law Attorney helped a lot with that and was very patient.

            When you file for divorce you are the Petitioner. As Petitioner, you will quickly realize there is a mountain of paperwork lying ahead, including specific forms, some depending on the particulars of your case. You must complete the appropriate forms correctly and submit them to the court within the time proscribed by statute to advance the process of divorce. These forms may be filled out online but not saved without expensive software. Add to that the fact that the forms are repetitive, cryptic, and nonsensical for the average person. If they aren’t filled out right, they may rejected and sent back to you, starting the process all over again. Worse, you could request something inadvertently, or leave something important out. Assuming your paperwork is correct, you also have to provide your spouse with lots of documentation and forms and provide proof of the court that you served these papers on them. Even the most intelligent and educated clients find this an endless maze. It is important to note, the more you and your spouse have in the way of assets, the more complicated this process becomes.

If you find are the spouse being served, you are the Respondent. Respondents cannot avoid the voluminous paperwork either. You also have to fill out specific forms in response to the forms that were served on you. Of course, you can choose to do nothing and not respond at all. This doesn’t keep you from getting divorced, however, as the filing party can get a default judgment against you, potentially getting everything they ask for. This can leave you in a very unfavorable position that can cost you twice as much to get out of.

An experienced and knowledgeable Family Lawyer in Walnut Creek knows precisely what forms are required, regardless of whether you are the Petitioner or Respondent. At the Law Office of Ariel Brownell, we have helped countless clients with this process and welcome the opportunity to do the same for you. In our first appointment with you, we will gather information and provide you a structure and roadmap to help you quickly, efficiently, courteously, and professionally. We are the family lawyer Walnut Creek, CAtrusts to make sense of it all.

My attorney told me if I was being unreasonable in my demands and I appreciated that.

Anger, hurt, and hostility can cloud our judgment and our ideas of what we are entitled to. People often believe they “deserve” most or all of the marital estate or time with the kids because of a real or perceived injustice that occurred during the marriage; this is common when infidelity is involved, but it can happen for many reasons. In any event, an experienced Family Lawyer will empathize and understand what you are going through but will also help center you back toward the legal outcomes that are possible in a divorce.

A good Family Lawyer will help keep you on track and understand what is reasonable. Your lawyer will look out for your legal and financial interests and help you move past hang ups that could unnecessarily prolong the litigation.

My attorney walked me through the process and the timeline of divorce. She and her staff checked in with me during the waiting periods to give me updates on what happening behind the scenes.

Divorce is a long process, especially compared to how quick “I Do” seems to take. The law in California sets the minimum time to get a divorce to 6 months and 1 day from the date of filing. Once your case is filed, there may be required hearings, mediations, and procedures that the court schedules. Often, these are set months apart due to the courts’ being overcrowded and underfunded, depending on what county you are located in; this can push the timeline well past 6 months.

We know our Contra Costa Courts well. After a consult, we can give you a good idea of how long the whole process will take and will streamline it for you by anticipating the needs of all parties. In between steps, we will be contact with you to ensure that your case is ready to go. Call the trusted Family Lawyer Walnut Creek, CA trusts, The Law Office of Ariel Brownell.