Divorce Lawyer Contra Costa County, CA Divorce Lawyer Contra Costa County, CA

If you’re considering getting a divorce, it’s important to hire a divorce lawyer Contra Costa County, CA respects as early on in the process as possible. One of the advantages to this is that you may not currently understand all of your legal options. A divorce lawyer from the Law Office of Ariel Brownell can identify alternatives that may be in your best interest rather than the path you had planned to take. The insight of a legal professional can provide you the information you need to protect your rights.

Below is a general overview of the steps most couples take to get a divorce. However, everyone’s situation may vary somewhat based on their circumstances. Call us today to request a case review with a Contra Costa County, California divorce lawyer.

What is a legal separation?

A legal separation is one in which the married couple moves into different residences, remains married, but the court recognizes that they are separated. It is a formal procedure usually undertaken with the assistance of a divorce lawyer who prepares the legal paperwork and submits it to the court. Upon a Judge’s approval, it is official. At that time, each spouse retains the rights and responsibilities of marriage without having to live together. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Because the couple is still legally married (though they are now separated), their current eligibility for healthcare benefits should not change because of the separation.
  • A legal separation does not null the responsibility of both parents to financially, and otherwise, support their shared children. If you choose to undergo a legal separation, it is important to also come to an agreement about child support and child custody. Our divorce lawyer Contra Costa County relies on can help you with these important steps.

What is an “original petition for divorce”?

The divorce process is initiated when your divorce lawyer files a document often referred to as the “original petition for divorce” or a “letter of complaint” with the appropriate court clerk. If you are filing the divorce petition, you will be referred to as the petitioner. Your spouse who must respond to your petition will be referred to as the respondent or defendant.

In essence, the document requests the court to grant the married couple a divorce. The document may also detail any financial relief your divorce lawyer feels you deserve from your spouse. In addition, it may also include any of the following:

  • Identification of your spouse and yourself.
  • Identification of children you two may have.
  • The reason for why you are petitioning for a divorce. Your divorce lawyer can advise you on whether or not this is necessary and how much detail is necessary.

What happens after the divorce papers are served?

After your divorce lawyer files your petition for divorce with the court, the court will process it. Your spouse will then be “served” with the petition, possibly by private courier or the local Sheriff’s office. After your spouse (the respondent) is served, they will have 30 days to hire a divorce lawyer and respond to the original petition for divorce. If necessary, you or your spouse may request a restraining order, or temporary orders for alimony and/or child support until long term orders can be finalized.

Getting the Help Your Need From a Contra Costa County, CA Divorce Lawyer

If you would like to know more about how our divorce lawyer in Contra Costa County, CA can help you move on to the next chapter of your life, call The Law Office of Ariel Brownell today for a consultation.