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If you are seeking the Divorce Lawyer Contra Costa CA relies on, contact the trusted divorce professionals at the Law Office of Ariel Brownell. We understand that there are few things in life more distressing than realizing you need to file for divorce after you’ve seemingly tried everything possible to save your marriage. Between the secondary effects of divorce and the reality that most people don’t have any idea what in store, it’s more than most people can handle. At the Law Office of Ariel Brownell, we help calm the storm that can cloud even the clearest of minds. We will help you comprehend the legal road ahead, understand the realities of your situation, formulate solutions to fit your needs, and begin forging strategies to make the solutions a reality and put this difficult time behind you. We strive to provide you quality care at every step of the way. Resolving family conflict with heart is the core of what we do.

Of all the difficult things that come to the fore in divorce, custody of the children and hashing out finances that are often the hardest. This makes sense as they are two of the most significant things in life. There are endless ways these custody and finances can be split, parted, divided, apportioned; the list of words goes on. Finances can deal with child and/or spousal support, dividing assets accumulated during the marriage such as a home or retirement account, or perhaps deciding who gets a valuable piece of artwork that both parties feel a strong sentimental connection to. Most people need help to learn about the divorce process, the particulars of the law, how it applies to their case, and whether it is possible to handle things in or out of court. Separating spouses need to learn how to set realistic goals for custody, finances, and every other facet of separation. A good Divorce Lawyer in Contra Costa CA already knows which areas are going to affect you by the end of your consultation. The Law Office of Ariel Brownell can help you get into the best position possible to achieve your goals.

It is imperative to know what rights and protections you, and your separating spouse, have. Upset spouses often make brash claims that are terrifying but have no legal foundation. Without knowing your rights, this can be paralyzing. Our clients are much more at peace when they learn which claims are without merit. One common misconception people have is that everything is divisible and is fair game. As with most blanket statements, this is not always true. Family law is full of nuanced exceptions to this rule. It takes a patient, compassionate divorce lawyer to learn the details of your case, know what exceptions exist, and explain how they apply to the facts of your case.

When a separation involves children, no one intends to risk a negative impact on the time or relationships with them. Before or after filing for divorce, it is important to discuss these perils with an attorney and learn what effects they can or will have on your particular situation. Do not rely on the stories of friends in similar situations as no two situations are the same.

We have found that the more we help our clients understand the factors, decisions, and secondary effects that are involved with divorce, the less stress and surprise gets the best of them. Sometimes things are obvious, others are much more obscure. When you seek a leading Divorce Lawyer, contact the Divorce Lawyer Contra Costa CA trusts, the Law Office of Ariel Brownell. We have the knowledge and expertise to fix the issues in even the most complex cases. We are ready and waiting to guide you through the divorce from start to finish, bringing you and your family the best resolutions possible.